Third-Place Team Still #1

This weekend, I headed to Fort Wayne, Indiana for the 2016 MK Battery Premier Cup. For those of you unfamiliar with power soccer, check out this awesome video (made by my sister/teammate) and the United States Power Soccer Association. My team, RHI  Sudden Impact, finished third.


I know – why would such an awesome event be held in Fort Wayne, of all places? In the past, we’ve gotten to travel to Tampa, Phoenix, or at least stay in Indianapolis. There is one cool thing I can say about Fort Wayne, though. The Plassman Athletic Center has power soccer courts. That’s right – the court markings are actually inlaid!

Another awesome fact? I got to use a Strike Force wheelchair for the first time! In the photo above, one of my teammates, Emmanuel, is missing. (Apparently he got a better offer and traveled to Virginia Beach to celebrate high school graduation.) So I got to use his $8000 sporting chair and spin myself dizzy. Suddenly, the sport became much, much more fun!

I’m looking forward to next year, where we will shoot for the championship. Aside from how awesome it was to win my first power soccer trophy after approximately a decade of playing, my hilarious teammates and coach definitely make RHI Sudden Impact #1 for me!

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